Ahmed Awad

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
CSU Channel Islands

Contact Information:

Email: ahmed.awad@csuci.edu
Phone: 805-437-2794
Office: Solano Hall 1170


My research area is in the interface between chemistry and biology. I am interested in investigation of novel drugs for the treatment of cancer. This includes chemical synthesis of modified nucleosides, nucleotides and nucleic acids (called therapeutic nucleic acids). The applications of these synthetic molecules in biological systems, as anticancer agents, constitute the major part of my research. I am interested in Pancreatic and Prostate cancer. Another branch of my research is focused on real-time measuring of the gene expression in case of cancer and therefore bringing novel methods to detect cancer in an early state, and so cancer can be treated before it develops.

Courses Taught:

Organic Chemistry Lecture I and II
Organic Chemistry Laboratory I and II
Biochemistry Laboratory I and II
General Chemistry Lecture I and II
General Chemistry Laboratory I and II
Quantitative Analysis Laboratory


Ph.D. University of Ulm, Germany
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Iowa State University
Postdoctoral Research Fellow University of California Santa Barbara

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