The Chemistry Department at CI is dedicated to seeing our students succeed. We offer comprehensive  bachelor’s degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry. Our students are highly engaged in class and in all aspects of university life.

Undergraduate research is at the core of our values in the chemistry department. Students have access to modern chemical instrumentation. Students start working with faculty mentors early in their careers, develop their research skills as they progress through their degree, and keep their mentors for life as a resource when they become alumni. Our curriculum emphasizes problem solving, critical thinking, dissemination of science, and scientific literacy, as well as a rigorous course of study in the fundamental concepts of chemistry.

Graduates from the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Chemistry will receive an excellent preparation for securing entrance to a professional program (i.e., medical, veterinary, dentistry, or pharmacy), to graduate school in Chemistry or Biochemistry, and for employment in the academic, private, or public sector as chemists, biochemists, forensic scientists, and materials scientists.


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