Thomas Schulze, Chemistry Lecturer

Chemistry Lecturer
CSU Channel Islands

Contact Information:

Phone: 805-437-3846
Office: Solano Hall 1224


Scope of my research is to establish a set of efficient, high-yield synthesis of ‘drug-gable’ macrocycles, following contemporary criteria (Lipinski’s Rule-Of-5, Topological Surface Area (TPSA), rotatable bonds). The macrocyclic molecule class is characterized by retaining the best of both low molecular weight (MW) organic molecules, and high-specificity, high MW protein biologics: macrocycles display a high degree of domain efficiency towards their respective biological targets. Hence, my research objectives are to a) establish a systematic, stereo-controlled organic synthesis of medium-ring size (9, 10, and 11-membered) macrocycles with peptidomimetic properties (amino acid side chains, but: peptide-bond isosteres), and b) systematically correlate ring-size, functional group pattern, and side chain stereochemistry with inhibition, or modulation, of Protein-Protein Interaction (PPI) model systems. To-date, PPIs are consistently reported to be governed by ‘hot-spot’ domain interactions, in which specific protein domains interact with counterpart protein clefts, mainly due to non-polar interaction of a narrow set of ‘hot-spot’, non-polar amino acid residues. A stereo-selective 5-step synthesis of a 9-membered azeninone macrocycle, as initial model system, is ongoing.

Courses Taught:

Introduction to Chemistry
Organic Chemistry Lecture I and II
Organic Chemistry Laboratory I and II
Medicinal Chemistry
Drug Discovery and Development
Entrepreneurship Sciences


Ph.D. Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany
Post-Doctoral Research Scientist, Scripps Research Institute La Jolla
Project Management Professional PMP®

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