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Agriculture and food science is multidisciplinary and chemistry is nearly always at the core of the work involved. Chemists in this field branch off into different areas such as; crop andanimal production, food safety, quality, nutrition, processing, packaging, and utilization of materials including bioenergy. The following link provides an in-depth look in the industry along with specific career descriptions and job opportunities.

American Chemical Society

Career Description

Agricultural and food scientists work to ensure that agricultural establishments are productive and food is safe. Many jobs typically require the following duties: conduct research, formulate new food products, study the composition of soil, and travel between facilities to oversee implementation of new projects.


  • A four-year undergraduate degree in chemistry, biology, or food science is the typical starting point for most jobs in the industry.
  • A graduate degree is required for research positions
  • Certifications may be required also for certain organizations (Society of Flavor Chemists, The Institute of Food Technologists, and Soil Science Society of America (SSSA).


U.S. Food and Drug Administration, U.S Department of Agriculture, Kraft Foods Group, PepsiCo, Dole, Nestle, Hershey’s Heinz, The Coca-Cola Co, General Mills, ConAgra Foods.

Helpful Links For Career Opportunities

The following links are helpful sources that include staffing agencies for chemists and other scientists as well as search engines for lob listings by employers.

Key Information

Top 10 Agriculture Producing States

  • California, Iowa, Texas, Nebraska, Minnesota, Illinois, Kansas, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Indiana

Employment Growth

  • Steady growth of 7% per year as the Food Safety Modernization Act is starting to take effect.

Careers in Food Science:

  • Agricultural Chemist
  • Animal Scientists
  • Flavor Chemists (“Flavorists”)
  • Food Chemists
  • Nutritional Chemists
  • Molecular Gastronomist
  • Soil and Plant Chemists

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